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Is The End Of Facebook Marketing Near

Will 2022 Force Facebook Retire with the Other Founders of Social Media?

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Online Marketing and Social Networking are two terms in the past two decades that have become synonymous with Facebook and other social media platforms.  Facebook has positioned itself as the forerunner as our society explores new limits. Connecting in a way before now was never possible.

But like all good things, it will eventually come to its end. The popular trend will shift to something new and move on. If things worked the other way, we would be streaming our movies from Blockbuster Video!

In recent years, it seems that Facebook has been taking the throne for granted, and the consequences of these actions could more than rock the boat. Between a drastic increase in ad traffic on the site, the Cambridge Analytical scandal, the ongoing “Whistle Blower” hearing, and the recent global outage. The climate at Facebook is becoming increasingly unstable!

What does this mean for marketers, entrepreneurs, and businesses that operate primarily through Facebook? What happens when the platform you use becomes the next Myspace or Photobucket?

Not having self-hosted content is a hard lesson to learn for folks witnessing the death of a platform or being punished by unannounced overnight changes to an algorithm. By having your content sourced on your website, the control is shifted back into your hands.

Beyond unshackling your dependencies on a singular limited-time platform to market your business, there are multiple benefits to having your own “content hub.” Most importantly, the valuable SEO from converting relevant online business conversations into a renewable resource for years to come.

Once you have control over your content, your options become unlimited to meet your needs.  Empower your emails and social media accounts by converting them from sourcing your information to only handling distribution.  Now, when your headlines catch someone’s attention, they are transferred over to your site, free from distractions!

Having a “content hub” secures your business’s digital footprint while assisting your efforts to attract new customers. Regardless of which social platform is trending, you’ll have the tools to put your message in front of new audiences.

Are you interested in learning more about how a Sales or Content Hub could help your business? Blown2Particles’ Business Blast is a stand-alone website extension that enables you to create professional-grade content quickly. Free template-based site builders contain time-consuming hassles that stop most businesses before they start!  The Business Blast uses a streamlined “wizard” based process to help keep you posting quickly and get back to your customers.

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