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Fort Wayne's Multimedia Marketing Specialist for Local & Small Businesses!

All Businesses naturally have materials to communicate with their customers.  While attempting to grow a business being able to migrate your content to new mediums and technologies is essential.

Since 2009, Blown2Particles has worked closely with clients from a variety of industries to design & develop content for their business.  Services include websites, marketing, video, graphic design, logo animation, online advertisement, and more!

Use the next few minutes to discover the impact professionally built content could have on your business!

Over the past decade, the demand for digital media & content has exploded!

Having the internet at everyone’s fingertips, created a endlessly growing consumer demand for real information.

Your business could be the solution to this demand for your customers!

The staggering amount of options just getting started is overwhelming! This can lead to wasting countless hours tinkering with frustrating “do-it-yourself” cookie cutters website builders.

You deserve better than that!

Lucky for you, Blown2Particles works directly with smaller companies. 

Together we’ll vaporize this confusion & repackage your unique message in sexy modern renewable formats for you and your customers.

Super-Charged Glacier Melting Introductions

Your digital brand is now the first impression customers have of your business, now that searching online has become second nature to our decision-making process.

Creating opportunities for businesses like yourself to be recognized!  

Blown2Particles helps people like you to have an attention-grabbing presence possible.

Our digital world allows for communication with our audiences in all the ways face-to-face offers and more!

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For everyday business users, creating content just thought alone can feel exhausting!

To make things worse many of the popular platforms are bogged down with drag-and-drop builders or time-wasting useless features.

The Business Blast is a custom-built tool that extinguishes this problem for you.

Enabling you to easily convert e-mails, word documents, and more into sleek any device-friendly posts you can utilize time & time again!

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